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We endorse Paul.

Community Leaders

Jeffrey Allen, Former Select Board Member

Carla Benka, Former Advisory Committee Vice Chair

Richard Benka, Former Select Board Member

Ben Birnbaum, Advisory Committee

John Doggett, Advisory Committee

Harry Friedman, Advisory Committee

Jonathan Fine, Former Library Trustee

Rick Fredkin, Library Trustee

Regina Frawley, Constable

Sandy Gadsby, Former Town Moderator  

Neil Gordon, Constable, Advisory Committee

Susan Granoff, BrooklineCAN LCAC,  Advisory Committee Member

Bernard Greene, Select Board Member

Nancy Heller, Former Select Board Member

John Karon, Assistant Town Moderator

Janice Kahn, Advisory Committee

Carol Levin, Advisory Committee

Fred Levitan, Former Advisory Committee

Alan Leviton, Climate Action Committee

Sean Lynn-Jones, Former Advisory Committee Chair

Jonathan Margolis, Library Trustee

Susan Park, BPEN, BAAFN, Wellness Committee, Frmr AC

David Pearlman, School Committee Chair

Linda Olson Pehlke, Advisory Committee

Felina Silver Robinson, Commission For Women Chair

Lynda Roseman, Former Police Comm Advisory Committee

Carlos Ridruejo, Advisory Committee

Barbara Scotto, Former School Committee

Alok Somani, Advisory Committee

Frances Shed-Fisher, GreenSpace Alliance

Judith Vanderkay, Library Trustee

Neil Wishinsky, Former Select Board Chair

Sassan Zelkha, Library Trustee


Town Meeting Members

Alex Burdenko

Sharyn Whitman

Ann Warren

Joshua Tolkoff

Thomas Younis

Helen Weiner

Sara Volpe

Jeffrey Thorn

Peter Wilson

Maria Wei

Chris Tsouros

Jean Tempel

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