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My name is Paul Warren and I am running for the Brookline Select Board.


Like many of you, I am very concerned about Brookline’s future. Affordable housing, climate change, intense real estate development pressures, and the escalating costs of living that threaten to displace long-term and middle-income residents are just a few of the things that I worry about. All across Brookline I hear from many who are looking for pragmatic, accountable, and engaged leadership and management for our Town.


Twelve years ago my wife, Amy, and I chose Brookline as our home because of its great schools, diverse community, walkable streets, transit access and wonderful green spaces. Our two children attend Brookline Schools, and their grandmother recently moved to our neighborhood. I love this Town.

My nearly 30-year professional career includes leadership roles in business, technology and strategic planning. In the civic realm, I have served as a member of the Town’s Advisory Committee, and I just began my second term as a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 1. As a neighborhood advocate, I have built many relationships with people who are not involved in Brookline politics but who care about their community. They have taught me how to see our Town government through their eyes and through my own life experiences.

I was raised by a hard-working single mother, and became a teenage husband and father. I survived with the help of a range of social services, Section-8 housing, and the generosity of individuals, especially Brookline’s Aaron Feurstein who gave me, a young father, both a job and the mentoring I needed to understand the meaning of a life of service. I was able to overcome significant adversity, attend college at the University of Lowell, and embark on a successful business career. I understand the feeling of not having resources and the importance of having an advocate. This is why I meet with people where they are, fight for them when they need help, and why I take on the difficult issues that others are unwilling to touch. I am known for being a tireless advocate who engages in countless conversations with stakeholders to solve problems. My life experiences drive my passion to advocate for others and inform my priorities for Brookline.


My priorities as a member of the Select Board would be:

  • Provide much needed executive leadership in partnership with the other members of the Select Board, School Committee, and Town Administrator.

  • Expand the commercial tax base to slow the growth of residential taxes.

  • Address the climate crisis by Implementing effective, sustainable, community-supported policies.

  • Support our growing senior population by addressing rising costs and by expanding services to help seniors age in place with dignity.

  • Keep delivering for Brookline schoolchildren while also improving basic services including maintenance of our greenspace, sidewalks, bikeways and streets.

  • Reestablish Brookline as a leading employer that attracts and retains a diverse group of individuals to work in our schools and municipal services including public safety.

  • Complete the comprehensive land-use planning and zoning reform project to ensure that it is residents who drive the goals of our growth.

  • Continue the important work of increasing diversity in Brookline, making it a more equitable place where everyone who lives, works or visits feels welcome, included and safe.

I value hearing from members of our community. Please share with me your thoughts on the above and your own priorities via email at

I hope that you will join me in this campaign and help to build a better future for our community. I ask for your vote in the Brookline Town election on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.


It would be my honor to serve the residents of Brookline.

Warmest Regards,




Paul Warren

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